Massage is generally considered part of complementary and alternative medicine. It’s increasingly being offered along with standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and situations.

Customized Massage Therapy

Integrating both Eastern and Western treatments, according to the client’s needs, a decision is made in mutual agreement for the best results. I usually blend techniques (described below) in my sessions customizing them.

Specialty: Neck and Sciatica treatment.

  • addAcupressure


    Acupressure is based on the same points and meridians as in acupuncture. In acupressure, however, these areas are stimulated with finger and thumb pressure and massage, rather than with needles.

  • addCranio Sacral


    A natural rhythm is created in each of us by the ebb and flow of cerebrospinal fluid around the brain and spinal cord. A trained Cranio-Sacral practitioner works with this rhythmic flow by applying gentle pressure on and around the head and neck. Headaches, earaches, blockages and sinus problems may be relieved by this therapy.

  • addDeep Tissue

    This massage technique uses slower, more-forceful strokes to target the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, commonly to help with muscle damage from injuries.

  • addEnergy Work


    Polarity, Chacra Balance and Jin Shin Juytsu.

  • addKinesiotaping

    These are complement tools ususally for Sports Massage for quick fix and pain relief.

  • addMyofascial Cupping

    These are complement tools ususally for Sports Massage for quick fix and pain relief.

  • addMyofascial Release


    Myofascial Release is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. This essential “time element” has to do with the viscous flow and the piezoelectric phenomenon: a low load (gentle pressure) applied slowly will allow a viscoelastic medium (fascia) to elongate.

  • addMyokinesthetic System

    The Myokinesthetic System is a unique and revolutionary technique that offers real relief for every patient and every client. Unlike other systems, the therapist won’t treat an area. Instead, he/she will work with the soft-tissue muscular system to change the nervous system to treat the cause of the problem.

  • addNeuromuscular Technique


    Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) is a very specialized form of manual therapy. A therapist trained in NMT is educated in the physiology of the nervous system and its effect on the muscular and skeletal systems. The Neuromuscular Therapist also is educated in kinesiology and biomechanics and how to work in a clinical or medical environment.

  • addOrthopedic Manual Therapy

    It is a technique that helps the therapist on how to remedy specific musculoskeletal complaints with which the client/patient presents. It will use an Orthopedic assessment testing and several stretches techniques.

  • removePre Natal

  • removeSenior

  • addSports Massage

    Sports massage focuses on muscles relevant to the event. For athletes who train continuously, the goal is to enhance endurance, lessen the chance of injury and shorten the time needed to recover from an event.

  • addStructural Relief Therapy


    This is a treatment and not massage. An Ostheopathic approach to clear muscle memory.

  • addTherapeutical

    When passing the comfort level of touch for the client the therapist enters into a therapeutical level of treatment.

  • addTrigger Points


    This massage focuses on tender areas of tight muscle fibers that can form in your muscles after injuries or overuse.

Holistic Treatments

Refers to a school of thought in therapy that attempts to address an individual as a whole person rather than as someone who is sick, just has psychological issues, or as being separated into different components.

Holistic therapy attempts to address the individual in terms of their mind, spirit, and body.

  • addAromatherapy

    Aromatherapy massage is particularly suited to conditions involving stress, pain or improving emotionally-related conditions. It is a massage therapy that uses highly concentrated plant oils, called essential oils, added to the massage oil or lotion.

  • removeAromaclay application

  • removeBalancing of Chacras

  • addRaindrop Technique

    The Raindrop Technique is a unique blending of ancient healing traditions, energetic medicine, intuitive wisdom, and pure essential oils that has helped thousands on their journey to healing and wellness. The Raindrop Technique stimulates the body and mind, balances energy, and promotes optimum physical and emotional wellness.

  • addRadiesthesia *


    According to Wikipedia one definition is “sensitivity to radiations of all kinds emanating from living beings, inanimate objects, mineral ores, water and even photographs”. The word derives from Latin root ‘radi-’ referring to beams of light, radiation and ‘aesthesia’, referring to sensory perception. Teleradiesthesia or Tele-radiesthesia describes this sensitivity to radiation but without the need to be in physical proximity to the subject. Typically a practitioner will use an instrument such as a pendulum to perform analysis based on a map or photograph.

  • addBiomagnetism *

    Biomagnetism is the phenomenon of magnetic fields produced by living organisms. This technique and therapy was developed by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran after participating in a lecture given by Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer, working for NASA in the 80’s, when he started to research the effects of magnetic fields in living beings and the greater importance of equilibrium in the human body, He also noticed that once the pH is neutral there’s no proper environment for micro-organisms in our body such as fungus, bacteria, virus and parasites to develop thus restoring the person’s health. The use of biomagnetic pairs in specific areas in the body, leaving them between 10 – 30 min, provide a well balanced state of bioelectricity leading to health and psyco-emotional and social wellness. This can also be done at a distance.

*In person or at a distance


Anxiety | Mental Relaxation | Revitalizing | Aids Sleep | Stress-Related Insomnia | Muscle Relaxation | Pain Relief | And More


Massage Therapy

Medical/ Customized

60 minutes Included

Blend Techniques

Aromatherapy 3 Essential Oils

Kinesiotaping (if needed)

Myofascial Cupping (if needed)

US$ 160

Medical Premium/ Customized

90 minutes Included

Blend Techniques

Aromatherapy 3 Essential Oils

Kinesiotaping (if needed)

Myofascial Cupping (if needed)

US$ 240


Home Visits: US$ 20 ~ 40

3+ Essential Oils: US$ 15 unit

Balancing of Chakras: US$ 20

Holistic Treatments

Raindrop Technique

70 minutes Included

8 oils

US$ 140


Application add-on

US$ 45 up

Balancing of Chakras

Application add-on



In person or at a distance

US$ 140


In person or at a distance

US$ 150


5 sessions

Medical/ Customized Massage

60 or 90 minutes

5% off

10 sessions

Medical/ Customized Massage

60 or 90 minutes

10% off

Biomagnetism Pack

5 sessions

10% off


Special Needs and Senior Citizens

20% off

Gift Card

Purchase Directly from Therapist

*Process fee for credit cards = 2.5% extra plus tax


"Simone is wonderful, she sincerely cares about what is going on with your body and tailors her massage treatments so you benefit the most. I always feel better after our sessions."

Brandie Heydt

"I am getting help from Simone for my problematic back for many years. After her therapeutic massage, I feel like newborn person every time! "


Natalia Spinu

"I met Simone again in September 2020 and due to my problem I was losing my sight mostly on the right side. My sight was restored and my neck much better. I don’t have to use my strong eyeglasses anymore neither my medication."


Marisa G.

"Simone is the most competent massage therapist I’ve ever met. I am 77 years old, yogi and have tried a lot of types of massage including Ayurvedic. She’s complete. She connects to our body with a simple touch. I give 5 stars."


Mary L. R.


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